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Youth Activities

Costume Class

Costume Class

Virginia Alpaca Youth, WELCOME!

There will be two opportunities for our youth to participate in their own classes at the show.  They will occur on Saturday and Sunday during the lunch break for the halter classes. 

The fee which includes all the activities is $10 per participant. 

The animal used, must be on your health papers, and must be included as a companion animal on the registration. 

You can register at the same way you register for halter classes.  There is no fee for the companion animal.

 On SATURDAY: During the lunch break on Sunday, the exhibition obstacle class will run.  Don’t worry, these won’t be really hard obstacles, but they will make your alpaca pay attention to you as you lead him around the ring.  A fun time for all is expected.

On SUNDAY:  During the lunch break, the costume class will take place.  This is where you and your alpaca get to dress up and strut your stuff!  The participant also writes a little story to go along with the costume.  The story is given to the announcer for the costume class and is read aloud while you are walking your alpaca around the ring.  Depending on the number of entries, you may also participate in the limbo class on Saturday