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Fleece/Cottage Fleece

Judge ~Wini Labrecque
Superintendent ~ Judy Schroeder
Fleece Show RULES ~ Shipping Information
In accordance to the AOA Rules, the entry requirements are as follows:
All Fleeces being shown at VAOBA 2016 must have been shorn AFTER November 20, 2015
Juvenile Fleeces must be 183 Days or 6 months of growth to be eligible. To calculate this, use your alpaca’s birth date and then their shearing date. Their fleece must have grown 183 days on the alpaca before being shorn off. They also must have been born on or before June 4th, 2015 to show at VAOBA 2016.
When registering a Juvenile fleece, if the fleece being presented before the judge was the FIRST shearing and the cria was not shorn or tipped after being born, then the previous shear date is the cria’s birthdate.

Registration Instructions:

- Go to the VAOBA EXPO Fleece Show and Halter Registration site at and either create an account or sign in if you already have an account.

- After registering your selected alpacas, print off a copy of each fleece tag and place them with your fleece CUT SIDE OUT in a clear plastic bag of 1 mil thickness or less, approximately 30 gallons. Exhibitors who bring their fleece in a bag which does not comply with this AOA rule will be asked to change their bag(s) during check in. Refer to PART 19. (APPENDIX C) GUIDELINES FOR PREPARATION OF FLEECE FOR SHOWING, which is located on the AOA website. This is very helpful!
- Print and send or email a copy of all the following items to MY ADDRESS.  Email is 
Mail address is:  Judy Schroeder 
                         224 Shade Hollow Rd 
                         Blue Ridge, VA 24064 

All Halter Paperwork should get sent to the Halter Superintendent, Sue Ives. Please send:
- Your completed registration
- AOA registry certificate for each fleece entered. If your name does not appear on the certificate, please include an Owner of Record Show Entry Form. Please ensure the copy of the AOA certificate is of the original and not a Certificate Copy downloaded from the AOA site.
- Signed Fleece Show Exhibitor Disclosure Form for Judge Wini Labrecque. If your alpaca is co-owned and you would like both owners listed in the final results, be sure to include signed disclosures for all owners. Please read the disclosure carefully and check the two appropriate boxes, as the disclosure has changed from previous years.

Do NOT send me your Fleeces,  I am changing residences and cannot collect the fleeces.  See below as to where to send your fleece if you are mailing in.

Two options for fleece check in:
Upon arriving at the show facility bring your fleeces to the Fleece Show Check In.
Or mail your fleece in along with your fleece paperwork to:  (this is a change from previous years) to:
Judy Howe, VAOBA Expo
8046 Fredericksburg Tpke
Woodford, VA 22580

UPS and FED EX and USPS are all acceptable. Buyer Beware: The UPS STORE is NOT UPS. They charge HUGE fees to use their services! Unless you have a prepaid label from UPS or Fed EX, all fleeces will be mailed back using the USPS.
Choose “Fleece Mail Back” on the registration site if you would like pay upfront to have your fleeces mailed back to you after VAOBA 2016 for $12.00 per fleece.  Actual cost to mail a fleece is between $8 and $14 each.  It would probably be cheaper in the long run to use UPS or FedEx with the instructions below.  Judy Schroeder is happy to walk you through this procedure if you have any questions.
To provide a prepaid label when you ship your fleeces out, bring your fleece to UPS or FED EX with the box UNSEALED so that you can slip your label in the box before shipping.
Create an account at Fed Ex or UPS
Print out a shipping label with your address on it
After the show I will put this label on your box along with any ribbons or special awards and ship it back to you. When it gets scanned, your account/credit card gets charged.

Judy Schroeder, VAOBA Fleece Show Superintendent, Cottage Fleece
540-797-1985 (Phone)
540-977-1541 (FAX)
Entry Deadline:  November 
Entry Deadline: All Mail -in entries must arrive by NOVEMBER 29, 2016.  Please consider mailing your fleece before Thanksgiving to achieve this deadline.

For a complete set of rules, please refer to the AOA Show System Handbook PART 19. (APPENDIX C) GUIDELINES FOR PREPARATION OF FLEECE FOR SHOWING, and PART 9 SECTION 1 -FLEECE COMPETITIONS. These may be located on the AOA Website under the tab ALPACA SHOWS and may be selected on the left hand side menu.


Don’t miss out on participating in the Cottage Fleece competition this year at VAOBA 2016! The Cottage Fleece Competition is a way to promote your farm and breeding program as a producer of an excellent product. By combining the score of a spun sample of your alpaca’s fiber with an evaluation of the rest of the alpaca’s fleece by an AOA Certified Judge, the emphasis will be on the quality of what your alpaca can produce, not the quantity.   The total score does not rely heavily on the weight of the fleece, as only (5) possible points can be gained in that section, but on the overall quality and usability of your fleece in the cottage industry.
Take a 2 oz sample from your fleece for the spin off portion of the competition. Mail it in for spin off.  All Spin Off  will be mailed to: Patty Fuller 2621 Mount Tabor Road Blacksburg, VA 24060       
Prepare (skirt) the rest of the same fleece.  Get it ready to either mail in or to drop off during Fleece check-in. If opting to mail in your cottage fleece to: Judy Howe 8046 Fredericksburg Tpke, Woodford VA 22580 (see above)
When your spin off sample is complete, we will use your total score on the Cottage Fleece Scorecard. The rest of your fleece will then be evaluated and Judged by a Certified AOA Judge for Fineness, handle, absence of guard hair, uniformity of micron, length and style.
Scoring will be as follows:
Huacaya points
2 Spinning score (25)
3 Fineness and Handle (20)
4 Absence of guard hair (10)
5 Brightness (10)
6 Uniformity of micron (8), Uniformity of length (7)
7 Secondary/Primary (S/P) micron range (5)
8 Absence of impurities/stain/fleece damage (5)
9 Uniformity of crimp expression with its style (5)
10 Annualized fleece weight (5)
Suri points
Spinning score (25)
Fineness and Handle (20)
Absence of guard hair (5)
Luster (20)
Uniformity of micron (8), Uniformity of length (7)
Absence of impurities/stain/fleece damage (5)
Uniformity of lock expression with its style (5)
Annualized fleece weight (5)
ANY spin off entry can be eligible for the Cottage Fleece show by providing the remainder of your alpaca’s skirted fleece for the competition.
Please refer to the 2016 AOA Show System Handbook,  Section 3 of the Fleece Section, pages 60-62 of the for a complete set of rules.